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Summary of Suez Energy.

  • 465,000 Commercial and Industrial customers.
  • 32.2 Billion in 2003 energy revenues.
  • 55,000 MW installed power capacity.

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In-Depth Review
Suez Energy, International is one of the worlds largest energy companies, with extensive operations spanning import/export of liquid natural gas, electric energy wholesaling, water and sanitation and waste management. In the US, they are now known as "Suez Energy NA", where previously they were "Tractebel Energy".

With a S&P A- credit rating, 465,000 C&I customers, 3,000 municipal customers and 48.3B in revenues (2003), Suez Energy is one of this country's strongest and most able electric providers. In the US, Suez covers a value chain of generation, transmission, sale and trading of electricity, plus the distribution and sale of natural gas.

With a focus on the big picture of American energy supply, Suez has done quite well in capturing much of the competitive retail market in Texas and elsewhere. Suez boasts 207 TeraWatt-hours of electricity and 1.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas sold annually.

Suez Energy typically offers a 20% tolerance band and a very fair early cancellation clause based on market price. Suez' customer service statistics are impressive with a less than one day average to resolve customer issues with 80% answered within 20 seconds and 99.8% billing accuracy.

Above all, Suez Energy has a reputation of being very competitive with their pricing.

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Suez Energy NA
Parent Company: Suez Energy, International
Ticker symbol: SZE
Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Year founded: 1983
PUC Certificate: 10036
Markets served: Texas, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois
Segments served: Commercial, Industrial
Products: Fixed, MCPE, Heat Rate, Custom