Career Opportunities

  •  “Boss, can I take a bathroom break?”
  • “I wonder if today will be exactly like the last 287 identical work days.”
  • “Supervisor, could you please submit this “New Stapler Request Form” to the regional coordinator for submission to the tri-state coordinating committee?”
  • Co-worker: “Let’s grab a taco for lunch, it’s $1 taco day!” You: “I can’t afford it, I spent my entire paycheck on a box of Ritz Crackers, but they were delicious.”
  • “My 5-year plan is pretty much to get that promotion to party-planning committee chair-person, because there’s not really anything else to shoot for.”
  • “I don’t like to leave pictures of my family on my desk because this company may shut down and clear everything out overnight.”
  • “Boss, how’d you like that report you asked for that I worked on all weekend?” “Didn’t read it but I’m sure it was great, thanks.”
  • “I had a hard time parking because of all the protesters outside picketing us.”
  • “I saw a guy on the corner panhandling, and you know, it doesn’t look so bad after the week I’ve had.”

These are just a few of the lines we don’t hear around Eisenbach Consulting in our Tyler, TX and Addison, TX offices. Maybe we’re just not listening, but we like to think that it’s because we like our jobs, co-workers and what our company is doing.

Some of the outstanding character qualities that exist within many members of our incredible team include: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. If you’d like to learn more about the people you could be working with, please meander over to our “Who We Are” page, which is somewhat up to date.

To Apply:

  • Create a cover letter. Tell us why this particular opportunity is a fit for you. You don’t know everything about it (or us) yet, but from what you do know, what appeals to you about it/us?
  • Provide your relevant experience in the form of a resume.
  • Pay attention, this is an important one: Submit both to careers at eisenbachconsulting dot com in PDF format.

Commercial Energy Consultant

That sounds like a pretty important title, doesn’t it? It is! Our company markets energy (electricity and natural gas) to homes and businesses throughout these United States. We do such a great job at it that many folks call, email and “chat” with us to find out more information. Our energy consultants are trained to the point of being subject matter experts in the field so that clients ranging from a small diner in Texas to a large industrial facility in Ohio can rely on us to provide expert advise with regard to their energy purchases.

This position requires a significant time investment in training and industry education. We have a very hands-on approach to training that includes a stair step in responsibilities that help us take new team members from zero to expert as quickly as possible.

 We realize many talented applicants may not have any experience in our growing and prosperous industry. We are looking for the smartest, most capable people with great and positive attitudes to train and build up into successful energy professionals.

 Q: “I’m pretty awesome, and I like responsibility. I need to be in charge of some stuff, so what kind of stuff can I be in charge of?”

 A: Glad you asked! You will be in charge of:

  • Establishing communication, fostering and maintaining relationships with the business decision makers that have contacted our company seeking our services;
  • Assisting with sales work-flow tasks such as requesting information from utilities, client research, commercial sales quality assurance, data entry, etc;
  • Energy market research and copy-writing for commercial proposals, newsletters and internal training materials;
  • Answering questions from a variety of “always friendly” clients and potential clients
  • Commercial sales prospecting including soliciting existing business clients for referrals;
  • Talking to existing business clients about their positive and negative experiences, recording them in surveys made available to potential clients online;
  • New market research and regulatory licensing;
  • Market analysis;
  • Many other team-improving tasks


Our expectations are for every one of our energy consultants to be on pace to earn $100,000/yr by the end of year two. We have a structured, well formulated plan to get you there. Compensation for this opportunity is heavily weighted in the form of performance bonuses.  In addition to your annual salary, generous benefits include nearly three weeks of paid time off accrued annually, a medical/dental/life insurance package, and a great, laid back, and friendly company culture.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • VERY STRONG communication skills, written and verbal. Dont multiple explanation points annoy u!!! (hint: You should be very annoyed by that “sentence.”)
  • Meaningful and recent sales experience or training and a desire to start or continue in a sales oriented career.
  • We are pretty progressive in terms of technology. We will ask you to demonstrate that you are very advanced with online technologies and various desktop software, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Know how to be a professional. We’re pretty laid back, but we’re also all experts at what we do. Customers and suppliers don’t know that unless we lay down that knowledge in a professional (and friendly) way.
  • Some others go without saying, but what the heck: Honest, dependable, enthusiastic, hard-working, confident, disciplined, detail-oriented and smart. We’ll also take funny, selfless, friendly, self-aware and creative.
  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, or a plan to complete a Bachelor’s degree (outside of regular business hours) within the next 12 months