Ohio Natural Gas Procurement

With the eastern leg of the Rockies Express Pipeline stretching through to Monroe County; increased supply of natural gas in Ohio should create lower costs for natural gas consumption. Since Ohio is ranked as one of the highest energy consumers in the nation with vast natural storage available this can translate into substantial savings to consumers. We can structure a product for your facility that can: lock in your savings with a fixed price, competitively follow the natural gas market indicated by the NYMEX or other local index, or a blended product to allow you to have an element of security while being able to take advantage of future low markets.

The natural gas market is extremely complex and ever changing. Wouldn’t you feel better about having an expert handle your energy needs? Our professionally trained consultants offer complete turnkey energy management. You can “bet your buckeye” that we will be there for you with unmatched personal service and industry leading experience. We specialize in serving Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dominion East and West Ohio, Duke Energy, Vectren, and Cincinnati Gas and Electric.