Texas Natural Gas Procurement

Eisenbach Consulting is headquartered in Texas.We offer competitive fixed natural gas rates which help to shield risk, as well as variable price products based on the NYMEX or Basis Swaps from a local index such as the Houston Ship Chanel (HSC) or a custom blend of fixed and variable rates. Let us structure a custom product specifically for your facility.

Transportation and capacity have been difficult components when working with an alternative supplier in this very complex market. Finding adequate delivery, negotiating terms and pricing and facilitating the natural gas purchase agreement are all part of the natural gas procurement services offered by Eisenbach Consulting, LLC. We offer a complete turnkey service that enables you to have options in what some consider a regulated and hard market to work.

Traditionally there have been very limited options for commercial and industrial natural gas to switch away from Centerpoint or Atmos. For small commercial consumers this may still be the situation, but larger commercial and industrial consumers have other options. CenterPoint Energy recently lowered their minimum size requirements, creating a more deregulated structure for natural gas distribution in Texas. Furthermore, the reductions have afforded many additional commercial consumers of natural gas in Texas a greater range of choices when selecting a natural gas supplier. Natural gas customers in Texas’ Atmos Energy territory also have options for natural gas supply. Contact us for more information and we will get back with you in the next couple of hours or give us a call right now and speak to a highly trained consultant.