Who We Are

Eisenbach Consulting, LLC is able to offer its clients the best service possible because we only have the best working for us.  We build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our employees and it shows in the work they do and the passion they have for their respective roles within the company.

Gabriel Canal
Senior Energy Consultant
Gabriel graduated from the university of Texas at Tyler with a BBA in Marketing. He came to Eisenbach Consulting, LLC after having spent 6 years as a GM of a retail store that focused on growth and customer service. His drive for success and hard work are impossible to overlook. As an energy consultant, Gabriel uses critical thinking and problem solving ability to provide a streamlined experience for his customers. When not at work, Gabriel enjoys lifting weights, obstacle course races and traveling with his wife, Roxana.

Rick EisenbachRick Eisenbach
Senior Energy Consultant
Rick Eisenbach is a native of San Angelo, Texas and holds a BBA in Marketing from the University of Texas in Austin. In 2002, Rick started a consulting business in the field of power management. In 2013 Rick merged his power management firm with Eisenbach Consulting, LLC in order to better leverage the two companies’ mutual strengths. Rick served from 1968 to 1974 in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Sandy EisenbachSandy Eisenbach
Managing Director
Sandy Eisenbach is the Managing Director of Eisenbach Consulting, LLC.

Founded under his leadership, Eisenbach Consulting, LLC has grown to become a trusted and reliable leader in the energy industry. Sandy’s background as a technology entrepreneur has helped the company achieve and maintain customer service and sales efficiency through technology.

Sandy enjoys working toward excellence and has worked very hard at creating a positive, encouraging and ambitious culture at Eisenbach Consulting. He considers the company’s entrepreneurial spirit to be a driving force in its  recent and historic success, dating back to 2002.

Sandy and his erudite and highly capable but admirably modest wife, Angie, live in East Texas and enjoy spending time helping others, time with family and friends, participating in active sports and fitness and exploring the outdoors and fishing. They credit their faith in and dependence on Jesus Christ as the reason for their lengthy marriage and generally positive outlook in business and life.

Image Coming SoonAngela Miles
Accounting and Regulatory Affairs Director
Angela Miles is the most recent addition to the Eisenbach Consulting team. We’re thrilled to have her onboard!

Jesse Mojarro
Energy Consultant
Jesse started his career at Eisenbach Consulting, LLC in June of 2015.  He attended University of Texas at Tyler, where he earned a B.S degree in Industrial Technology and minor in Business Administration.  Jesse’s educational background and experience in customer service made him a perfect fit with Eisenbach Consulting. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer, catching up on trending topics, and tuning his ’95 Toyota Celica.

Wayne Rhoton
Mass Markets Manager
Wayne has been a member of sales and customer service teams his entire professional life.  Wayne started working for Eisenbach Consulting, LLC in 2008 and during that time has personally signed up thousands of residential customers to affordable electric service.  When helping customers, Wayne takes the time to understand their most important needs so he can suggest the electric plan best suited for them and their household.  These skills, as well as Wayne’s management skills, are an invaluable addition to the Eisenbach Consulting, LLC team.

Matt Smithies
Energy Consultant
Matt joined Eisenbach Consulting in 2018.  Before that Matt was a Management Assistant with Enterprise Rent-a-Car.   Matt has held various management roles over the past 9 years and graduated from TJC in 2010 with an Associates in Psychology.  He has plans on getting a Bachelor’s in Business Management in the near future.  Matt is very sociable loves playing his guitar in his spare time.

Skye Sutton

Energy Consultant
Skye joined Eisenbach Consulting in the fall of 2016. She attended Texas A&M and comes to us with a background in sales. Skye is proud to carry on a family tradition, being the third generation to work in the energy industry. In her spare time, Skye enjoys trying new recipes with her daughter, Sutton, nerding out on behavioral economics, and running in local races.


Kayli Thomas
Mass Markets Advisor
Before joining Eisenbach Consulting, LLC, Kayli was the sales manager for Texas State railroad.  She’ll be attending Tyler Junior college in the fall and then to University of Texas to finish up her degree.  When not in the office helping customers, Kaylie can be found singing her church’s (Rose Heights) choir or spoiling her 9 nieces and nephews.


shawnShawn Weeks

Director of Marketing
Shawn came aboard Eisenbach Consulting, LLC in March of 2015. Shawn is a serial entrepreneur and has created numerous successful companies over the past 15 years.  Prior to coming to Eisenbach Consulting, Shawn helped start a company in the room above his garage which now employs dozens and is one of the largest in its industry.  Some of Shawn’s strengths include SEO, UX design, conversion optimization, growth hacking, and shipping/logistics management.  Outside of the office, Shawn enjoys being on the water — any water — at the pool, beach, or lake.

Nathan Woodfin CEP
Managing Consultant
Nathan is a graduate of SFA with a BBA in business and minor in marketing, along with an emphasis on business law.  He is the most tenured non-family employee of the company and has 11 years of experience in the industry — from production and exploration to retail supply to the consulting side of the business.  As Managing Consultant for Eisenbach Consulting, LLC, Nathan contributes his extensive energy industry expertise to the development of our commercial consulting team. Nathan’s background in natural gas and other energy commodities affords the company’s clients an invaluable source of expertise.

Prior to joining Eisenbach Consulting, Nathan was a Business Development Manager at a major REP.  In his free time, he restores/tinkers on cars, is an amateur road touring racecar driver, and a beginner triathlete.

Global Operations Team

Eisenbach Consulting, LLC also maintains a global operations team that supports not only our daily operations and efforts in the United States, but helps maintain a strategic placement for our brand throughout the world.

Viktoria Evdokimova – Senior Commercial Operations
Emil Osmanbegovic – Commercial Operations Support
Maria Decano – Commercial Operations Support
Anuj Dangaich – Accounting Support

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