New York Natural Gas Procurement

With natural gas storage in the depleted fields of the Appalachian Basin, access to Transcontinental, Tennessee Gas and a network of other pipelines, New York is very connected to the natural gas industry. We work behind more than 10 utilities in New York and are able to provide you personal and professional service with your very own energy manager.

Dealing with your energy procurement can be very frustrating. If you are not All of the following: (1) a lawyer to negotiate agreement terms and provisions with suppliers (2) a market specialist to make sure you are getting the price, product and supplier that is best for you or (3) a person that has a whole lot of time on their hands to handle all of this; then the unfortunate truth is that you are probably not going to do as well on your own. We are experts in your market and we have years of experience in the energy industry. Let us provide you with custom pricing for your facility, specially negotiated energy agreement provisions, and turnkey energy management service.